Students line up outside of my classroom before class begins.

  • In order to gain admission to the class they have to explain the significance of a random slide of one of the “Enter the Class” slide shows below.
  • Once a student successfully enters the class they will begin working on a practice question.
  • Incorrect students write their name on a sheet so that I can pull them in for tutorials.

(Warm Up Question Bank)(Essential Questions Bank) – Slideshow of each by Era

Enter the Class Slide Shows

  1. 13 Colonies
  2. Road to Revolution
  3. Roots of Government
  4. Principles of Government
  5. Presidents
  6. Court Cases
  7. Inventions
  8. Land Acquisitions
  9. Reformations
  10. Wars

*I update these slideshows throughout the year regularly. If you like them the way they are, I recommend downloading them… and of course edit them to your liking.

I also print these slide shows out on card stock in various sizes.

  • Full Page Sets — one slide per page printouts
  • Small Sets — 6-to-a-page printouts (downloaded as Powerpoint)

Full Page Sets

I use the full page sets by passing them out and having the students find a person matching theirs. With some of them, I also have them arrange themselves in chronological order, if it applies.

Occasionally, I just pass out the Title Card and have students line up at the front of the class in chronological order and then they tell the class what they know about each of them. I often use this strategy for openings, closings, or when we just need to do something else. As a class we do this a few times, by having the students “pick a victim,” they pass them back out to other students and we repeat the process a few times.

As the year goes, on I will randomly pull a  Full Page set out once a week at least.

I also will have the students place the Title Cards on the white board with magnets in correct orders, or locations. Sometimes, I draw diagrams on the board, etc. and students have to explain why they placed the Title Card in the location they chose.

Small Sets

On the small sets I typically just pull them out when we need a change of pace. I have them match in a small group. I also have a sets made up of all slide shows combined and have them to start matching early in the year and see them get better at it as time goes on.

  • 8 sets of each slide show on card stock
  • 5 sets of all slide shows combined on card stock

As the year goes on, I will randomly pull a Small Set out once every couple of weeks or so.

Questions and Comments

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